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Offering Efficient Commercial & Construction Storage Solutions in Lansing, MI

Commercial Storage
Commercial Storage

Our commercial storage units for rent provide businesses with a secure and flexible solution for excess inventory and equipment. Offering amenities like 24/7 access, these cost-effective units cater to diverse storage needs.

Construction Storage
Construction Storage

Construction storage units offer a convenient and secure solution for contractors to store tools, equipment, and materials on-site. Our construction storage units for rent streamline your project’s logistics and provide easy access to essential resources.

Types of Storage Units
Types of Storage Units

We offer both 20 ft and 40 ft storage units for rent. These sizes are specifically chosen to accommodate diverse storage needs, whether for short-term projects or long-term storage solutions.

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Offering Efficient Commercial & Construction Storage Solutions in Lansing, MI

When your remodel or construction site needs more storage, you can count on Steel Tough Containers to extend your workspace.

If you have extra machinery, equipment, or supplies, why take up more valuable workspace than you need to? At Steel Tough Containers, located in Lansing, MI, we’re committed to freeing up our clients’ construction workspaces by means of affordable Conex-style storage container rentals. Instead of taking your items to a warehouse, our containers are left on the work site, allowing access to your tools and equipment when you need them the most. If you’re looking to save money, keep your equipment close, and free up some space, a storage container from Steel Tough Containers is the best option.

Delivering 20 ft & 40 ft Storage Containers Across Michigan

Lansing Containers

We conveniently offer storage units for rent in Lansing, providing a practical solution for contractors and businesses seeking secure and accessible storage options.

Howell Containers

There’s been a lot of construction in Howell, and we’re there to fill the storage gaps. We can protect and store your supplies in this growing area.

Flint Containers

Businesses and contractors in Flint don’t have to look far to rent a storage unit. We can quickly send a 20 ft or 40 ft storage container to your job site.

Grand Rapids Containers

Our services extend to Grand Rapids, where business owners and contractors can rent our storage units for an affordable rate.

Grand Ledge Containers

We love our clients in Grand Ledge, and that’s why we’re committed to helping the area through affordable rates for our storage containers.

Brighton Containers

Since our company’s founding we’ve supplied Brighton businesses and contractors with storage units at a reasonable rate.

Don’t See Your Michigan Neighborhood?
Contact Us Today to Find Out if We Serve Your Area
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Commercial Conex Storage Container Rentals in Lansing Available for Pick Up & Drop Off

Thanks to Steel Tough Containers, overstocked merchandise, school supplies, or municipality items no longer have to be stored off-site.

We know that big box stores, schools, and city municipalities need to be able to access their items at a moment’s notice. As a result, we pick up and drop off perfectly-sized Conex storage containers to have your items on hand as needed in the surrounding Lansing areas. All of our Conex rental containers are water-tight, keeping your excess stock, band equipment, or town’s parks and recreation items secure.

Reliable Storage Unit Rental Company

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We take pride in being a family-owned and operated company in an era where large corporations take advantage of their clients.

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Most of our clients are businesses we have worked with for years, showcasing our emphasis on reliability and customer service.

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Understanding Needs

With our team’s extensive background working in the construction industry, we understand what you’re looking for in a storage container.

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Personal Touch

You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with our company’s owner and operator at any point during the process, demonstrating our commitment to personal attention.

Highly Trusted Storage Container Rental Company

We take pride in knowing that our clients have consistently expressed satisfaction with their storage unit rentals.

Content: Sticky Column - Steel Tough Containers - testi Steel Tough is a great business to deal with. Everyone there is very helpful and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for all your hardwork!! - SHERRY J.
Content: Sticky Column - Steel Tough Containers - testi Answered the phone fast and had great customer service. Talked me through my situation and provided me with high quality containers for a great price to meet my specific needs. - EMMA P.
Content: Sticky Column - Steel Tough Containers - testi Great service, and fast delivery! I would highly recommend using Steel Tough for all your CONEX needs. - JARED R.

Our Storage Units Available

A 20 ft storage unit is ideal for small businesses with moderate storage needs, while a 40 ft unit suits larger projects. We have both available for rent.

20 ft & 40 ft Storage Units Available

20 ft Storage Units for Rent

A 20 ft unit is typically rented by individuals and small businesses with moderate storage needs, offering enough space without the excess capacity often associated with larger units. These 20 ft units provide a convenient and efficient storage solution tailored to a smaller scale compared to their larger counterparts.

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40 ft Storage Units for Rent

Renting a 40 ft storage unit is beneficial when dealing with substantial storage needs, making it an ideal choice for larger businesses or construction projects. The larger size provides versatility and flexibility, accommodating a wide range of storage requirements. These units are especially helpful for construction projects when the amount of space needed can fluctuate.

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Family-Owned. Honest. Experienced.

At Steel Tough Containers, we are committed to serving our customers with integrity, promptness, and quality equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we provide businesses and homeowners with answers for their storage needs. When you choose us, you can expect complete professionalism, affordable prices, and quality workmanship. Our containers are water-tight, allowing your belongings to stay dry and safe. Simply put, we’re the authority on all things storage!

About us
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Our Containers Are Tough So Your Residential
Remodel Doesn’t Have to Be!

If your home is undergoing a remodel, you likely have belongings that need to be put somewhere temporarily. Why spend extra money and sacrifice convenience at a self-storage facility? When you choose Steel Tough Containers, we'll drop off one of our water-tight moving containers to your home. You simply pack it, and it'll be secured on-site at your convenience. And when your remodel is done, we'll pick up the container as soon as it's emptied. It's that simple! We have multiple sizes of containers for your convenience and offer these services at affordable rates.

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Rent a 20 ft or 40 ft Storage Unit Today!

Regardless if you need it for a construction project, commercial storage, or a residential move, our storage containers are perfect for any situation.